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Coccyx Cushion

Neck Pillow

Orthopaedic Cervical pillow to keep the Head and Neck in Perfect Position While Sleeping in side lying and Supine position. Proper inner curvature for Occiput while sleeping.


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“Sukoon” has proved to be a blessing in disguise for me. It has been an year since I joined the theraband classes here. Before coming here I had severe hormonal issues which caused bloating, weight gain & stiffness in joints. I always thought that exercise is not my cup of tea. But Dr. Varun Wasil encouraged me & today I can do even the hardest of exercises effortlessly. Besides inch loss & weight loss, I’ve gained flexibility & a more toned up body. I feel much active & lighter throughout the day. Thank u sir for your valuable guidance & support and motivating me to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Priti Anand

Undoubtedly, he is the best physiotherapist I have met in my life. I was suffering from lower back pain (diagnosed with Disc bulge in L4-L5-S1). All doctors and physios have given treatment based on MRI and I was not getting better and pain started radiating to legs. I had lots of medicines and consultations with many doctors but no satisfactory outcome. Finally I found Dr. Varun through YouTube and consulted him over call. He has given me treatment plan based on symptoms not based on MRI and I could see the positive results in just a week's time. Dr. Varun Wasil is the one stop solution for any ortho related problems specially spine. Thanks alot for your treatment, sir !! 🙂

Vagish Gupta

Best exercise regime!! Ever done.. I highly recommend giving it a try. U will be hooked the way I am. New exercises every day and u will notice the difference pretty soon with feeling healthy and energetic. And cherry on the cake is that you are in safe hands as a doctor is the instructor himself.

Sanyam Nanda

Sukoon is where I get ‘Sukoon’ whenever I go there. The ambience with mantra chanting in the background is such that not only one gets healed of the apparent problem but I feel some deep cleansing of the soul happens too. Invariably I take a power nap every time while the treatment is on . Varun sir has magic in his hands!!! Totally recommended ...

Sonia Mahajan

Clean environment with expertise. Sir Varun wasil personally attends and understands the problems and best treatment is guaranteed. Almost all our family members have weak back but sir helped us in strengthening. Best in town👍

Abhinav Rastogi

Dr Wasil is excellent, and his YouTube videos have been very helpful. He understands the core of the disease and formulates a very good plan for management for his patients.

Pulkit Arora

Along with being patient compassionate and supportive , Dr Varun Wasal always keeps himself updated with knowledge required to diagnose and treat his patients.The atmosphere in the clinic is very positive and very well organised .

Ananta Kawatra

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