1.1 Sukoon Physical Therapy is run by Dr. Varun Wasil.

1.2 We deal with the treatment of all musculoskeletal problems with Physiotherapy which includes electrotherapy, exercise therapy and manual therapy.

1.3 We provide services like diagnosis and treatment for problems like Back Pain, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Cervical Spondylitis, Knee pain, Heel pain, Arthritis, Frozen shoulder, Bell’s Palsy, Tennis Elbow, Sports Injuries and Muscle and Joint Pain.

1.4 We provide Tele-physiotherapy , which is the provision of physiotherapy services at a distance, by a telephonic conversation , when an in-person visit is not possible.

1.5 We donot intend to replace the relationship with a patient’s doctor. It is a complimentary service offering the advantages of convenience and accessibility to a broad range of healthcare services.

1.6 Our products and services are not suited for emergency care.



2.1 In order to use the service, you must firstly agree to the terms and conditions. You may not use the service if you do not accept the Terms and Conditions.

2.2 You can accept the terms by simply using the service. You understand and agree that we will treat your use of the service as acceptance of that Terms and Conditions.

2.3 You may not use the service and may not accept the Terms and Conditions if (a) you are not of legal age to form a binding contract (b) you are a person who is either barred or otherwise legally prohibited from receiving or using the service under the laws of the country in which you are resident or from which you access or use the service.

2.4 You must be aware that we may ask you to confirm your identity by providing suitable form of verification may include a Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence, Aadhar card etc).



3 .1 Possible risks of Tele-physiotherapy:

3.1.1 As with any medical procedure, there are potential risks associated with the use of Tele-physiotherapy. But the likelihood of these risks materializing is very low.

3.1.2 Treatment is based on our YouTube channel ‘SUKOON PHYSICAL THERAPY’ excercises. We only help people to select which exercise is helpful to them to solve their confusion or problem.

3.1.3 There is no liability in case any patient have increased pain due to his/her daily work routine, posture or over-stressing of exercise.

3.1.4 Our Tele-physiotherapies are not suitable for any condition that should reasonably require face to face analysis, diagnosis or treatment or for sourcing any product and service urgently for a medical emergency or acute condition.

3.1.5 Our services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

3.2 You understand that you may expect the anticipated benefits from the use of Tele-physiotherapy but no result can be guaranteed or assured.

3.3 You understand that as we charge fees per person for one time consultation, so we are not duty bound to reply each and every message of the patient.

3.4 You understand that there is a possibility that the patient have to wait for some time to get the appointment. This is because of limited consultation per day.

3.5 You understand that the patient must call at scheduled time of its appointment. Only little variation can be adjusted.

3.6 You understand that no refund of fees will be given, once appointment is fixed.


4.1 Though we provide our services with utmost expertise and professionalism ,but still if you have any issue or dispute, you agree to raise it or try to solve it with us informally.

4.2 You can contact us with your concerns/complaints by emailing us at [email protected] .

4.3 All complaints are handled in accordance with our complaints handling policy and procedure, available from us on request.

4.4 Any claims/complaints arising out of or relating to these terms or the services will be solely governed by the laws of India, other than its conflict of laws rules.

4.5 All disputes relating to these terms and services will be brought solely in the District Court of Jalandhar and you consent to personal jurisdiction in this court.



5.1 We work hard to provide the best products we can and specify clear guidelines for everyone who uses them.

5.2 Our products, however, are provided ‘as is’, and we make no guarantees that they always will be safe , secure or error-free, or they will function without disruptions, delays or imperfections.

5.3 Our products do carry manufacturer guarantee or warranty and in that scenario, only manufacturer will be held liable for any incidental damage or loss or product defect.

5.4 We cannot predict when issues might arise with our products.

5.5 Accordingly, our liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and under no circumstance we will we be liable to you for any lost profits, revenues, information or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or any incidental damages arising out of or related to usage of our products or doing our recommended exercises.



6.1 We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that all prices told to you telephonically are correct at the time of booking an appointment.

6.2 We reserve the right to change prices and to add, alter or remove special offers from time to time and as necessary.

6.3 All pricing information is reviewed regularly. Changes in prices will not affect any order that you have already placed.



7.1 We want to improve our services and products through your feedback ,as our endeavour is to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

7.2 If you have any enquiries, questions, comments or even complaints please feel free to contact us at [email protected] .